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Government Grants for Small Business

Federal & State Governments have allocated majority of the money to people like you that want to start up or expand their existing business. Our online Government Grant program will provide you complete details to apply for Small Business Government Grants. Not only that but as a bonus we have added a business proposal software that will help you create a professional business plan proposal. Our online Government Grant program is so easy to use it will tell you what type of Small Business Government Grant to apply for and it will list complete details on qualifications, level of competition, and the dollar amount that is being given out.

WHO'S GIVING OUT MONEY? The government, foundations, and corporations—that's who! These (and other) organizations gift billions of dollars each year to Americans for nearly innumerable reasons. Business funding help businesses acquire the start-up and expansion capital needed to make their companies grow.

WHAT ARE THE FUNDING PROGRAMS FOR? Funding comes in all shapes and sizes—you just have to pick the one that's right for you:

  • Small business funding / management
  • Start-up business capital
  • Business expansion capital
  • Home business assistance
  • Women-owned business funding
  • Small business loans
  • Minority-owned business funding
  • Private money / venture capital

Small business funding is available for such fields as cosmetology, child care, massage therapy, fitness centers, counseling and supportive services, transportation companies and many more. Funding is offered to home-business owners: for example, you could open a retail business from home or start a marketing business over the Internet. Funding for new business owners can help you to renovate facilities, purchase equipment or fixtures, supplement working capital, hire and train employees, increase inventory, and more.

Federal Government Grants

The Federal Government provides financial aid and Government Grants to all American citizens. The average American citizen is entitled to take back what is owed to them in the form of a Government Grant. That's right you are entitled to money from the Federal Government. Now the problem is that most people don't know how to apply for a Government Grant or even know who to contact. Here at GovernmentGrant.Me we simplified the process for you to apply for Government Grants without all the red tape and paperwork.

US Government Grants

The US Government is a combination of Federal & State Government that have allocated and given out billions of dollars in Government Grants to people like you. Here at GovernmentGrant.Me our job is to get you the most updated information on our database which contains over 1000 types of Government Grants that are available right now both at a Federal & State level. With over 100 categories of Government Grants you will find on that will meet your needs. Why wait if you don't apply for a Government Grant then somebody else will give it. Remember the point of receiving a Government Grant is to boost our US economy.

Minority & Women Government Grants

Congress knows how important it is to allocated millions of dollars to Minority and Women in Government Grants. Remember affirmative action is not a dead issue and it's very much alive. Congress gets a majority of their votes from Minority as they are now the majority of people that vote and they vote in big numbers. For this there are now Government Grants for Minority and Women in Small Business Grants Housing Government Grants, Grants for bill pay assistance, and Grants for legal assistance.

Government Grants for Education

There are literally hundred of State & Federal, non Profit organizations, and private foundations that give out millions in scholarships, financial aid, and education Government Grants to students who want to go back to school or people that want a career change. Don't waste time and apply now at GovernmentGrant.Me and find the best Government Grant for Education.

Government Grants for Housing

As many of you know from watching the news or reading the newspaper our country is facing a huge mortgage crisis. With people scared of picking up their phone because they might think it may be a mortgage specialist calling concerning with payments and that word that keeps appearing everywhere FORECLOSURE. The US Government had to step in and setup Housing Government Grants for people with low income, single parents, and people with disabilities. At the end of the day the purpose of the Housing Government Grant is to put a roof under your head. But there are many Government Grants available to people that want the American home which it to buy their first home. A Government Grant can be given to people that want to put up down payment or just don't have the credit to be eligible for financing. So apply today at GovernmentGrant.Me for a Housing Government Grant. Remember if you sign up for our program today then somebody else will get a Government Grant!!!!!!

But the grants don’t stop there. You also need to find out about:

  • Small Business Grants               
  • Housing Grants
  • Minority & Women Grants
  • Education Grants
  • Foundation Grants
  • Medical Grants
  • Personal Grants
  • Government Loans
  • And many other types of Free Federal Government Grants

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